Approximately 270 kilometers of watercourses are under flood control since this morning in Vojvodina, of which 6 kilometers of the Sava River near Klenk and Hrtkovci settlements and Stojšića Bogaz site are under emergency flood control.

Three seepages have been repaired on the Sava River near Klenk at sections where atmospheric sewage discharges from the settlement into the river. Three pumps are currently pumping water from the flood defended area of the settlement into the Sava while sandbags are placed around the water “boilings” in the toe of the embankment. That is a normal occurrence during river stages such as these, however, the situation on flood embankments must be monitored 24/7.

Water gauge shows a slight fall of the river stage on the Sava River this morning, except at Progar measuring station where there is a 9 cm rise in comparison to yesterday. Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia predicts slight rise of the Sava river stage in the following days.

As of this morning, regular flood control measures are being taken on 8.62 km of the Tamiš River from Sefkerin to Pančevo, as well as the Azotara Canal. Regular flood control is also being performed on 69.5 km of the Danube River from Pančevo to Dubovac. Approximately 114 km of the Sava River, 56.6 km of the Tisza River, cca 9 km of the Begej Canal and cca 5 km of Nadela Canal are still under regular flood control.

River stage on Veliko Središte Dam located on Markovački brook shows 110 cm which is basically one meter under the regular flood control criteria, therefore flood control operations are terminated on this site.