PWMC Vode Vojvodine continues its project Water for Life this year which is dedicated to the development and landscaping of the riverside, canals and protected natural areas, primarily taking care of local priorities.  The project’s top priority in 2016 is the establishment of adequate wooden structures (platforms) for fishing on the banks of DTD canal. So far, thirty platforms have been placed on the Bečej-Bogojevo Canal near the Srbobran bridge on the road from Novi Sad to the municipality of Srbobran.

Total number of 70 wooden platforms is planned for placing this year. Besides the municipality of Srbobran, 25 platforms are planned for placing in the territory of the municipality of Bečej near old Bečej Ship Lock and the rest will be placed on the banks of Jegrička Stream and Beljanska Bara.

Apart from fishing platforms, this year’s project activities are also the establishment of 27 sets of wooden benches, tables and parasols along the banks, as well as 13 info boards regarding waters.

This year’s activities of the Water for Life project are worth nearly 4 mln Serbian dinars.