Emergency flood control is performed on 6 kilometers of the Sava River flood embankment near Klenk and Hrtkovci settlements. Regular flood control is still performed on the remaining section of approximately 114 kilometers that are under jurisdiction of PWMC Vode Vojvodine. Emergency flood control was announced and introduced on Stojšića Bogaz site this morning and it is being continued on the Veliko Središte Dam near Vršac.

As of this morning, regular flood control is performed on 219 kilometers of flood embankments in Vojvodina. Besides the Sava River, regular flood control is also performed on 52 km of the Danube River near Pančevo and Kovin, on 42 km of the Tisza River near Titel, cca 9 km of the Begej Canal and cca 2 km of Nadela Canal. Regular flood control was also introduced on Žabalj Pumping Station, Stajićevo Lock and Sluice and Bosut Sluice and Pumping Station.