Total length of flood embankments is 1,460 km, of which:

Danube                               304,16 km

Tisa                                    289,63 km                              

Sava                                    19,77 km                          

Tamiš                                   86,04 km

Begej I and II                     127,79 km

Other embankments            532,62 km

The embankments have been reconstructed for a hundred year water period – about 95% of total length of the Danube and 85% of total length of Tisa and Sava Rivers.

Total length of unreconstructed and unconstructed flood embankments is 204 km i.e. 283 km with embankments along the borders.

There are around 100 structures situated along the flood embankments that should go under remediation.

Microaccumulations Veliko Središte, Mesić, Borkovac, Pavlovci, Ljukovo, Sot and Moharač, as well as Bosut Sluice and Pumping station are also used in defence against transit waters.

More than 80% of Vojvodina is threatened by the inland waters:

  • Directly endangered   1,630,648 ha
  • Partially endangered 209,423 ha