Available fishing waters within the Serbia—Vojvodina fishing area under the management of PWMC Vode Vojvodine:

  • Left Danube bank from the bridge in Bogojevo to the bridge in Bačka Palanka,
  • DTD hydro system canals,
  • Specific drainage canals in the territory of AP Vojvodina,
  • Zlatica, Stari Begej, Brzava, Moravica, Karaš, Nera, Rojga, Brzava , Krivaja, Galovica, Vranj and other smaller streams in the territory of AP Vojvodina, except the ones rented to other users,
  • accumulations, natural and artificial lakes, smaller wetlands on the territory of AP Vojvodina—except for those rented to other users.

PWMC Vode Vojvodine protects fish fund based on the designed plans of fishing area management and the streams are regularly stocked with good quality fish.

Eight well-equipped water bailiff teams are in charge of fish fund protection.

As a fishing water user, PWMC Vode Vojvodine issues and sells permits for recreational fishing in the areas under its management.