Since the beginning of the year, approximately 120,000 m3 of sludge was removed within the regular maintenance of canals belonging to DTD Hydro system and their navigation potential.

“Lala” floating dredger recently started works on Bački Petrovac–Karavukovo Canal near Deronje. In the first half of this year, aforementioned floating dredger worked on dredging on the same canal but near Bogojevo, where 55,500 mof sludge was removed.

Vode Vojvodine’s second floating dredger called “Dunav” is still working on the Bečej-Bogojevo Canal near Srbobran. So far, approximately 60,000 mof sludge was removed on this location.

According to dredging work plan for 2016 around 265,000 m3 of sludge is supposed to be removed from the DTD Hydro system. Estimated work costs are 95 mln Serbian dinars.