Inland Waterways International (IWI) representatives visited yesterday several sections of DTD Hydro system and its significant hydrotechnical structures.

Nautical tourism and canal enthusiasts paid a visit to locks and sluices in Bezdan, Šebešfok, Mali Stapar and Kucura in the company of PWMC Vode Vojvodine representatives. The tour was planned within the association’s organized field trip along the Danube River basin in Hungary and Serbia.

All of these sites and structures represent very important industrial heritage and some of them were constructed 160 years ago, such as the Bezdan Lock.

It is worth reminding that in Europe, method of underwater concrete pouring was performed for the first time during the construction of Bezdan Lock in 1846.

Our guests from the United States, England, France, Belgium, Ukraine and the Netherlands have expressed great interest in the Danube-Tisza-Danube canal network and its hydrotechnical structures.